04.04.2023 15:30

Computer owners need this tool today

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By Security Savers – Technology lovers are studying a free analysis tool that has just gone viral in Spain.

If you live in Spain and your computer uses Windows as an operating system and needs protection, or it does not work as it should or you want to improve your security, it is very possible that this is the most important article you read in your life.

Thousands of people in Spain are rushing to get the latest software that protects PC users instantly following recent information that claims malware is on the rise.

This software is called «The radical change for Internet users».

An elite team of famous developers has designed a security tool that seems to be the ultimate software that users will need.

This software uses an advanced algorithm to instantly increase security while accelerating the performance of your system. First, identify any hidden threats or online tracking cookies. Then it relocates redundant files and cache memory, those files that can slow down your system.

The software can be used as an alternative to antivirus or as an additional security supplement, possibly more advanced than any other antivirus on the market. Everyone can use it and it only takes a few minutes to install.

David, production manager, explains: «Our main objective for the development of this application was simple. In recent months, malware has not stopped increasing and it is possible that other antivirus find it difficult to keep up. We wanted to develop software that offered additional protection to consumers while accelerating the performance of their devices. We believe that, with proper care, computers whose operating system is Windows can last much longer ».

And he adds: «Users love the system. Our idea is to grant so many free analysis licenses that the software goes viral. We are glad to know that we are helping to accelerate the performance of our customers’ devices and make them safer ».

How can we request this free tool?

If you have a computer with Windows operating system, you can choose to receive this free security and analysis software. Total AV still offers the free analysis tool, so we advise users to request it as soon as possible while it remains available.

Download your free Total AV scan tool here .

The free Total AV plan will offer you a version of the software that will completely monitor your computer for harmful threats, unwanted software or potentially dangerous tracking cookies. If the software finds a threat, you can remove it from the system manually or upgrade to the Total AV premium plan so that it is the software itself that automatically removes the threats.

If you want to keep the performance of the computer to the maximum and protect it, schedule the analysis to run every seven days. Completely analyzing the system takes approximately 10 minutes.

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