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What is Arbitration

What is Arbitration


If there are disagreements between the customer and the performer based on the results of the work, the task is transferred to arbitration and considered by support service specialists.

This happens if the parties closed the task with different statuses (one indicated that the work was completed, the other - not completed).

If your task is in arbitration, be prepared for the fact that the monitoring department will contact you to clarify the details.

The contact information you provide will be used to contact you. You will need to tell the support specialist the details of your cooperation. Providing detailed information will help us make the right decision.

Each situation is considered on an individual basis. Before making a decision, the arguments of both parties will be considered and taken into account. As a result of arbitration, the task will receive the final status: completed or not completed.

When making a decision, the following are taken into account:

- Receipts fixed on paper, transaction addresses in the blockchain, receipts for the transfer of funds;

- Documentary confirmation of the results of the work (photo, video, etc.);

- Correspondence in the chat service QUASA;

- Other evidence and documents relevant to the assignment.

If one of the participants in the task cannot be contacted, our specialists will decide on the status of the task based on the information that we were able to find out.