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> How to Top up Your QUASA Account

How to Top up Your QUASA Account

How to Top up Your QUASA Account

Funds on the user's account are necessary to pay for the services of the QUASA service, as well as to pay for the work of performers (when you are the customer of the task).

To see the current balance of your account, go to the balance section of your Profile.

To replenish your account, click on the "Deposit" button.

Important: Account replenishment will be made from the wallet linked to your Profile. If the wallet is not listed in your profile, you need to link it first.

You then need to select the blockchain network that will be used to create the deposit transaction for your account.

Specify the amount you want to top up your QUASA account. Please check that the indicated amount does not exceed the balance of the wallet from which you are depositing.

After confirming the amount, your blockchain wallet application will automatically open.

You will need to log into the wallet app to confirm sending the deposit transaction.

After your confirmation, a replenishment transaction is created and processed. This may take some time.

Important: The blockchain network of your choice may additionally charge you a certain amount for processing a transaction.

You will receive a message that your account has been successfully funded when the transaction has been successfully processed.

You can use the funds on your QUASA account to pay for the services of the service, services of other users, or withdraw to your personal wallet.