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How to Search For Customer Orders

How to Search For Customer Orders


To find new tasks, go to the task list from the main screen of the app.

In the list, you can view the tasks that are available to you in accordance with your current rating. What is a rating and why is it needed, you can read here.

The list of tasks can be sorted:

1. By the time of placement;

2. By urgency;

3. By remoteness;

4. By cost.

You can filter the tasks in the list so that only the tasks that interest you are displayed.

Filters allow you to select:

1. Only tasks from the categories you are interested in;

2. Tasks, no further than the distance specified from you;

3. Tasks, the cost of which is in the range you are interested in;

4. Tasks for which there has not yet been a single answer;

5. Tasks that allow remote execution.

If necessary, you can search for tasks by keywords using the search field above the list.

To view details about a particular task, navigate to it by selecting it from the list.

Tasks can be viewed both as a list and as points on the map. Switching view modes is located at the top of the screen.