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How to Offer Your Services on Assignment

How to Offer Your Services on Assignment


The Performer can respond to the task of interest to him in order to offer his services to the Customer.

The customer sees all the feedback on the task and can choose the Performer with the most appropriate experience and rating.

To respond to a task that interests you, go to its viewing.

On the "Offers" tab, you can see how many performers have already offered their services and assess the level of competition for the task;

Click Add Offer. In the "Offers" screen, you can offer your cost for the execution (if the amount offered by the customer does not suit you), and write a short cover letter;

Paid offers and postpaid clicks

For the answer to the task, a commission is charged from the Performer. You can choose one of the answer options:

1. Prepaid click - the cost of the response will be deducted from your account immediately after the proposal is sent. The amount is written off regardless of whether the Customer chooses you and will not be returned if the Customer eventually gives the work to another Performer;

2. Click with postpaid. The cost of a response is reserved in your account and will only be charged if the Client chooses you to do their job. If the Customer transfers the work to another Performer, the reserved response amount is returned to your account. As a rule, the cost of a postpaid response is higher.

After submitting your proposal, you will be able to see its place in the list of all proposals for the assignment. The place of your offer in the list is determined by your rating (you can read about the rating here).

The assignment you answered can be seen under My Assignments/Contestant/Submitted Proposal.

You can cancel your job offer before the Client has chosen the Performer.

If you cancel a postpaid click, the reserved funds will be returned to your account.

If you cancel a prepaid click, the cost of the response is non-refundable.