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How to Choose a Pro

How to Choose a Pro


The customer can choose a performer to perform his task. You can choose a performer from among the users who left their suggestions for the task.

The offers in the list are sorted by the rating of the users who left them (at the top of the list are the offers from the performers with the highest rating). If the performers who left the proposal have equal values ​​of the scale of influence (rating), the proposal left earlier is placed at the top of the list.

Before choosing a performer, carefully study his offer, as well as personal information about the performer. To do this, you can go to his profile and view information about him. If necessary, you can contact the performer by phone or through the chat functionality to discuss the details.

To entrust your task to the executor you like, click "Select an executor" in the corresponding offer.

If none of the offers interests you, you can wait for more interesting offers, fix your task, or close it.