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> How to Check Documents And What it Gives

How to Check Documents And What it Gives

How to Check Documents And What it Gives


At the moment, the user data verification procedure is not mandatory, but is recommended for the reasons described below.

Performers who have undergone voluntary confirmation of their data are perceived by Customers as reliable and safe partners.

Most of the Customers prefer cooperation with Performers who have passed the KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure.

In addition, the fact that the Performer has passed the data verification procedure increases the user's rating and significantly increases his chances to be the first to see the most attractive tasks.

Documents are checked only once. You can request confirmation in your user profile.

A special certified KYC service checks the accuracy of your data. QUASA does not save the documents you sent, but only receives the final positive or negative verdict from the service.

To prove your identity, you need to provide proof of:

1. Photo of a document proving your identity;

2. Your selfie, confirming that the provided document is really yours;

Depending on your country of residence, the following can be used as an identity document:

1. Passport;

2. Driver's license;

3. Residence permit;

4. ID-card.

You can choose which document to submit for review.

Take a photo of the document following the app's instructions, then take a selfie. After that, the photos you provided will be sent to the KYC service for verification.

Based on the results of the check, one of the following verdicts can be issued:

1. Verification of documents passed (This is a success! Now you are a reliable and safe partner for each Customer).

2. They demand to send additional data (This verdict means that the Service needs clarification. Most likely, you will need to send an additional, clearer photo).

3. Document verification failed (Unfortunately, this means that your data seemed suspicious or inaccurate to the Service. Usually, the Service does not provide a second attempt, but if you think that an error has occurred, you can contact us and we will see what we we can help).

You can see the verification status on your profile.