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> How is a Performer's Rating Calculated?

How is a Performer's Rating Calculated?

How is a Performer's Rating Calculated?

The "Performer Rating" value is the sum of the values ​​of two secondary ratings: "Profile Rating" and "Activity Rating".

Profile Rating

The Profile rating reflects the completeness and reliability of the information provided by the user about himself.

Each completed field in the profile adds a certain percentage to the profile rating.

The maximum value of the Profile Rating is 100%.

 The user can view the current value of the Rating of his Profile, as well as see which of the points need to be improved to increase the rating.

Activity Rating

The activity rating characterizes the activity of the performer in the Application. The activity rating is affected by the number of tasks performed by the performer, as well as the quality of their implementation.

The following key indicators are involved in the calculation of the Activity Rating:

1. Number of tasks;

2. Average score;

3. The proportion of tasks without failures;

4. Compliance with the rules of service.

The activity rating is measured as a percentage. The maximum activity rating value is 100%.

Number of tasks

The number of tasks completed by the performer. For the maximum value of the Activity Rating, the performer must complete at least 20 tasks.

Average rating

The arithmetic means of all ratings received by the performer. The maximum value of this indicator is 5.

Percentage of work without failures

The performer's failure is considered to be a situation described by the following sequence of steps:

1. The Performer has applied for the assignment;

2. The Customer has chosen this Performer;

3. The task is transferred to the performer for execution;

4. The Performer for some reason refuses to work on the task until it is successfully completed.

100% completion of tasks without failures characterizes the Contractor well.

The calculation does not take into account the refusal of the Contractor in his first task. The first task is always included in the calculation as "Completed without failure".

Compliance with the rules

Users who comply with the rules for using the Application have benefits.

Each new user starts with the maximum value of this indicator - 100%.

If violations of the established rules by the user are recorded, the value of the indicator can be reduced.

And vice versa, if the user takes into account the comments received, corrects his behavior, then after a certain period of observation, the scores of the indicator can be restored.