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> Can I Refuse a Task?

Can I Refuse a Task?

Can I Refuse a Task?


Sometimes the situation develops in such a way that the performer needs to abandon the task already taken for execution.

The reason for the refusal may be circumstances that have changed for the Performer, additional details that have surfaced, and so on. The application provides the technical possibility of refusing to complete the task.

To do this, go to the card of the task you want to cancel and click on the "Perform task" button on it.

Indicate that the task is not completed.

After that, the status of the task will change to "Not completed", and the Customer will receive a notification that you have abandoned his task.

It is important to remember that the rejection of the task taken on the performance can negatively affect your rating. Try not to use this feature unless absolutely necessary.

The commission for the response to the task, in case of refusal of the task, is not refundable (regardless of whether the prepaid or postpaid scheme was used).