Certify any NFT in blockchain
Confirm in a matter of seconds the existence of any NFT, including a time stamp, without access to the content and with the ability to identify the slightest changes in the NFT.
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How it works
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Sign up in the Quasa App in order to send you the certificates. Buy one or more certificates.

Select the NFT
Once signed up, go to certify NFT and select the NFT you want to certificate. The application will extract the unique identifier (hash) without accessing to your NFT.
Your cerificate is ready
You will receive your certificate in a few minutes, when the time stamp is created.
The Certificate

The header contains the ID of the certificate and the link for verification, as well as the UTC* date and time the NFT was uploaded (Coordinated Universal Time - which is the main time standard by which the world regulates clocks and time).

The cryptographic data used to create the document identifier and the time stamp are shown below.

The NFT Hash is an identifier that is uniquely related to the NFT. If you make any change in the NFT, the least, even a single pixel, letter or bit, the Hash will be totally different, so this identifier ensures the NFT integrity. The only thing you can change is the NFT name.

The identifier or Hash is included in the Quasa blockchain for greater security.

The Quasa transaction is the identifier of the transaction where the identifier or Hash has been included.

The creation of the block indicates the date and time in which your Hash was included in the transaction in the Quasa Blockchain, creating the time stamps.

The Technology
Cryptographic algorithm

Our application extracts a hash through the standardised algorithm SHA-256, that is the strongest of that algorithm type, and is supported by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

For protecting you privacy, the application does not access to the file content, so you can be confident that your file and the content remains private.

In order to verify our certificates, every certificate has a unique ID, so you can access to our app and check the ID and the file in order to be sure the anything has been altered.

Using the Quasa blockchain, that is inmutable and public, users can prove the file existence and content integrity even though Hashing DNA cease operations.


Blockchain creates a universal time stamp in the decentralized database.

In addition, the records are irremovable, so that the Hash included in the transaction will remain forever registered, and always being publicly accessible.

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