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    How to Implement an Automotive Social Media Marketing Strategy

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    As social media grew over time, the originally entertainment-based environment transformed into a complete business platform. Due to that change, the automotive industry constantly looks for better ways to advertise to its clients. However, to successfully implement an automotive social media marketing strategy, you must first tackle some of the most common challenges.

    Let us talk a bit more about the pain points in digital marketing strategy for the automotive industry and how social media marketing can help you overcome all those challenges.

    The Challenges of Digital Marketing Strategy in the Automotive Industry

    At the moment, the automotive industry faces three main challenges:

    • the shift in consumer priorities;
    • the change in the buying method;
    • high employee turnover rate;

    Let us review these issues and understand how social media marketing may solve them.

    The shift in consumer priorities

    Car-buying behavior greatly depends on a couple of factors, like monthly income, geo-location, or age. Furthermore, some countries want to reduce their carbon footprint by selling more electric vehicles. All of these changes are affecting the traditional automotive industry, and some companies see a decline in sales, which results in cutting back on the production line.

    With the help of social media marketing, it is possible to grow your brand recognition and target the right group of customers. Social media advertising becomes the right channel to show that your company is changing with the customers.

    New buying methods

    Earlier, car dealerships mostly relied on traditional advertising through radio ads, television, and road banners. Today people mostly search for cars online. Thanks to the advancement of internet technology, consumers search for vehicles differently.

    Every car dealership should be capable of tracking where their leads are coming from and measuring the success of their digital marketing strategy. Social media advertising is the most efficient way to work on your lead generation strategy. People love to shop on social media.

    Fix high employee turnover rate with social media advertising

    Every sales agent wants to be successful at what they do. Due to the change in consumer priorities and a drop in sales, many employees are changing jobs in search of better opportunities. However, you can adjust that with an excellent social media marketing strategy.

    That is mainly because social media has a higher chance of success than any other digital method. Furthermore, if you equip your marketing team with the right tools and teach them how to utilize social media to attract more customers and maximize the business, you will quickly notice an increase in sales.

    How to Successfully Implement an Automotive Social Media Marketing Strategy

    Now that we understand the automotive industry’s common challenges let us see how to implement an automotive social media marketing strategy.

    Advertise on multiple social media platforms

    Using a single channel to advertise on social media is a fine strategy. However, it will only perform at a satisfying level of success if you expand and do multi channel advertising. The first reason is that you advertise to a broader audience. And second, each social media platform has its benefits. For example, Instagram is the most popular among millennials. On the other hand, Facebook has the largest audience. And, if we look at Twitter, it gives you the option to look for specific buyers thanks to keyword targeting.

    Use online videos to engage more clients

    Videos definitely play a crucial role in social media advertising. They are far more exciting and engaging than any other form. Another benefit is that you can still watch or at least listen to a video ad while doing something else. They do not require 100% of attention as reading does.

    There are a couple of different types of videos that will boost your social media marketing efforts:

    • About Us videos: this is your opportunity to speak directly to the consumers and help them understand who you are and what your business is trying to achieve. Explain what sets your business apart from other competitor companies. A huge benefit of these videos is that they create a personal connection with clients. The entire relationship goes beyond the usual transactional nature.
    • Customer Testimonials videos: we all know how much online buyers appreciate customer reviews. Whether they want to learn about the quality of the product or how reliable a company is, they will always look for reviews and testimonials. The best way to approach this is to politely ask your clients to record a short video review after they purchase and test the vehicle. Publish those reviews on social media as a part of your marketing campaign, and thank all the clients.
    • Promotional videos: This is the best way to introduce promotional deals and special offers to your clients. Promotional videos are explosive and dynamic because they inform clients about an opportunity they should not miss. Usually, all special offers have an expiry date, pushing consumers to act fast.
    • Product Demo videos: Today’s cars have many outstanding features. However, to the average consumer, cars are just cars. They might only be aware of some things they can do besides getting them from point A to point B. With the help of product demo videos, you can explain all the unique features and discuss the benefits of that specific vehicle.

    Offer special deals on social media

    We mentioned how promotional videos allow you to advertise special offers to clients. Even though they are more engaging, expand beyond them. Also, create image posts about specific deals. Remember that while a video is more attractive, it also takes time to look at one video from start to finish. A simple image will let your followers understand the offer in a couple of seconds.

    Furthermore, you can link that post to your landing page and engage interested clients.

    Always follow up with your clients

    Your followers will always leave comments no matter what social media app you use. It is a fast-paced environment, and your marketing team needs to keep up with it. With that in mind, diligently respond to tweets, address complaints, answer consumer questions, and remember to thank customers for positive comments or for sharing your stories on their accounts.

    This form of communication creates a more personal connection with clients.

    Commit 100% to your social media marketing strategy

    Once you start this marketing campaign, you must follow all the methods and approaches. That is the hardest part of the process, especially when the number of followers increases. However, that is what you need to do to achieve success.

    Make sure that the entire marketing team is aware of this. 

    Make sure that you are using the latest social media advertising technology

    Social media advertising is challenging. Furthermore, if you are not using the right type of software, it will turn into tedious manual work with which you will not be able to keep up as the business grows.

    That is why we have tools that allow us to automate social media advertising and reduce manual work as much as possible. Additionally, you can substantially reduce human errors, duplicate work, and save time for your marketing team.

    Social media tools will help you schedule posts at a specific time, add images, videos, links, and hashtags, and keep track of metrics and KPIs.

    How to Create Quality Social Media Ads?

    Even though you know how to advertise on social media, it might happen that the quality of your ads is not on a satisfying level. You want to avoid risking the success of your campaign that way. 

    The three main factors that determine ad quality are ad placement, ad quality score, and ad relevance.

    The Conclusion: How will Your Automotive Business Benefit From Social Media Marketing?

    Finally, let us spend some time discussing the benefits of using social media marketing to advertise your automotive business.

    First of all, you will reach a wider audience. People from all around the world use social media. If you are shipping internationally, social media is the best advertising channel to help consumers find your business. Even if you are selling only within your country, you can reach everyone no matter in what city they live in. Finally, if you are working with local clients, social media will help you with local SEO and put your business on the map.

    Second, social media advertising will generate more leads. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most efficient approaches you can try. As an additional benefit, you may go viral through social media, and no one wants to say no to overnight success.

    Finally, social media advertising is cheaper than other digital marketing forms. You can substantially boost your revenue by reducing advertising costs.

    If you successfully implement an automotive social media marketing strategy, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of growing a solid business. Remember to take your time and be consistent with your marketing efforts.

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