15th of February 2018, 00:00

Date of issue (UTC)

Min. contribution - 0.05 ETH;

Put the GAS at least 300,000 (the surplus will return to you);

Telegram (rus) - there 100% will help!

After reaching the target (goal), this presale can be completed at any time by the decision of the team.


QUASA — первая открытая блокчейн-платформа для грузоперевозок.

We are changing all traditional platforms and suggesting solutions of the following problems: bureaucracy, high commission fees and restrictions for inconvenient location, trust issues, currency and tax risks, risks of hidden damage, insolvency risks, insufficient insurance, information barriers and court costs.

Our mission is to help cargo owners, carriers, cargo receivers, and other suitable platforms to receive and move cargos on as profitable terms as possible.


Goal: 15,623 ETH, maximum limit: 50,000 ETH

At ICO our goal is to attract 15,623 ETH.

Our financial goals are defined by both the elaboration of new modules and the development strategy.

The development plan includes gradual elaboration and introduction of new modules. QUASA will perform the step-by-step implementation of the following modules: “air”, “sea cargo”, “truck”, “railway”, “bulk load”, and “warehouse”.

First of all, in the end of 2019 the air module is going to be launched.

Then, truck and sea cargo modules are going to be introduced in the end of 2019 since they present the best trade-off between high demand for multimodal contracts and low difficulty of realization.

In 2020 the company will expand the range of its services by adding customs services and introducing the opportunity to organize delivery of bulk load cargos.

Together with the launch of new modules, state-of-the-art warehouse modules are going to be developed – the authorization of the companies which offer services based on logistic outsourcing (warehouse services and terminal operations).

В конце 2020 модуль железной дороги QUASA будет добавлен.

2. Strategy of regional development

  • QUASA service will be launched in the cargo transportation market in 2019.
  • Between 2019 and 2021 the services will be expanding, and the overall presence of the platform will embrace more than 200 cities across the world.

The first goal is to launch the application and to achieve income in the amount of $1 mln by the middle of 2021.

The second goal is to expand applications by means of introducing sea and client modules and to achieve income equal to $10 mln by the end of 2023

The third goal is to add warehouse and forwarding modules and to achieve income in the amount of $25 mln by the end of 2025

The fourth and the fifth goals will be to achieve income equal to $50 mln and $100 mln in 2027 and 2030, respectively.

QUASA, gains and goals
  • QUASA gains (the right axis)
  • Share of the world level of logistics (the left axis)


QuasaCoin — is a virtual currency which is going to be accepted and used as means of paying services on the platform.


For the moment the price of QUA is only 0.00033 ETH. After ICO the rate will already be two times higher – one QUA will cost 0.0005 ETH.

We have forecasted the phases of QUA price growth. According to our estimations, the scenario will be as follows:

​STAGE ICO, 15th Feb
1 ETH=QUA 3000
1 QUA=ETH 0.00033
1 QUA=$ $0.4
​STAGE Launch
1 ETH=QUA 2000
1 QUA=ETH 0.0005
1 QUA=$ $0.6
​STAGE First year
1 ETH=QUA 1000
1 QUA=ETH 0.001
1 QUA=$ $1.2
​STAGE Second year
1 ETH=QUA 200
1 QUA=ETH 0.005
1 QUA=$ $6

We reckon that if you join ICO now, then, thanks to QuasaCoin growth, your capital can grow at least two times, with possible 30 times growth. We disregard situations which normally take place very rarely (for example, when the price of the companies’ crypto currencies rises up to $10 (180 times) or $50 (900 times)). However, you should not forget that an ICO is basically a crypto currency venture. Please treat this as an investment in a highly risky campaign.


For the moment the price of QUA is only 0.00033 ETH. After ICO the rate will already be two times higher – one QUA will cost 0.0005 ETH.

We have forecasted the phases of QUA price growth. According to our estimations, the scenario will be as follows:

At the first stage we accept only ETH crypto currency but shortly other crypto currencies are going to be accepted as well. Later on (supposedly in May 2018) we will also accept USD, EUR, and other fiat currencies. The introduction of fiat money will considerably expand the audience of the project, and it is especially true for small logistic companies whose clients are not yet used to using crypto currencies or do not simply know how to do that. Hence, we lower the threshold for the arrival of new people significantly, and at the same time each new company helps us to develop the logistics market and the crypto currencies market.


QUASA issues 62,445,870 QUA tokens.

After the termination of ICO, additional tokens will be automatically given to Founders, Team, and Bounty members.

The volume of the raised funds (ETH, USD) is ETH 15,623 = (USD 18,747,500 at the rate of USD 1200 / ETH).

For convenience and due to constant ETH fluctuation, the rate has been chosen at the level of 1 ETH = $1200.

The total number of QuasaCoin (QUA) tokens is 50,769,000

From the total amount of 62,445,870 QuasaCoin (QUA) tokens intended for the general emission QUASA will submit 50,769,000 tokens for the sale through ICO at various price levels. Below is the description of these price levels:

​STAGE Secret stage
QUA 3 000 000,00
ETH 300
$ 360 000,00
​STAGE pre-ICO, 15 January
QUA 3 600 000,00
ETH 600
$ 720 000,00
​STAGE ICO, 15th Feb
QUA 44 169 000,00
ETH 14723
$ 17 667 500,00
​STAGE Total
QUA 50 769 000,00
ETH 15623
$ 18 747 500,00

The Founders’ tokens are intended to be given after the termination of ICO and blocked for 4 months with the help of smart-contract function.

  • Business processes with the use of QuasaCoins tokens are backed with more profitable and safe warranties than direct interaction between carriers and cargo owners. QUASA will provide the connected companies with tokens as guaranteed payment settlement means. For example, if there is lack of trust between shippers, carriers, and cargo receivers, a safer and more convenient option would be to use internal payment tool rather than use fiat money which is associated with currency and other risks.

  • Paying in QuasaCoins tokens helps to get a 5-10% discount, and this is true for both cargo owners and carriers’ services. The use of tokens helps to eliminate most paperwork and intermediaries, which makes the services much less expensive.

  • We are going to create and develop our own system (QUASA) of projects which accept our tokens

    Companies which are going to join our service and which we are going to assist will accept our tokens, and after some time there will be a big number of such firms.

  • We are going to train the community to actively use our tokens not only at the exchanges and in the markets but first of all for cargo transportations

  • Monetization of QUASA services takes place in the form of a payment at the last stage of each successful delivery and immediately increases the demand for tokens.


Monetization of QUASA services takes place in the form of a payment at the last stage of each successful delivery and immediately increases the demand for tokens.

QUASA revenues are made up as follows:

  1. Commission charges for any financial transaction in the perimeter of QUASA – 0.5% (by default).
  2. Commission charges received from service providers – 0.1-5% or, on average, 3.0% (depending on the type of services to be provided).
  1. Income from the first way of monetization - 0,5 % (by default) from each financial transaction inside QUASA.

    Note. By 2023 QUASA is planning to account for 1-2% of the world cargo shipping operations. Hence, the volume of financial operations of QUASA users for purchased logistic services is believed to amount to 1% * $1 trillion = $10 bln a year.

    QUASA revenues:

    0.5% from the above-mentioned transactions = $50 mln a year.

  2. Income from the second way of monetization - 0,1% – 5% of commission received from providers' service.

    QUASA platform unites all the interested parties in a single supply chain.

    The platform is going to get:

    • commission from carriers;
    • commission from forwarders;
    • commission from insurance companies;
    • commission from 3PL operators;
    • payments for paperwork services;
    • for consulting service;
    • other side and in-built commercial services.

QUASA revenues:

In average 3,0% of the operations amount = 300,0 million dollars USD per year.

The price for the services will be fixed in QUA tokens by the time the platform is launched.

1 token will give the opportunity to purchase more and more services. In order to get access to all QUASA modules and functions, each connected company will be obliged to use the set of available services. Hence, the price of QUA tokens will be growing in parallel with the number of users.


QUASA platforms enables users to elaborate individual solutions for their own supply chain. No other platform can boast such flexibility and freedom of choice.

QUASA’s goal is to make all business processes of our clients more efficient and optimized thanks to the use of new technologies. We work with our clients in order to find pragmatic solutions which help to use the most innovative market technologies. We employ the same technologies in order to ensure safety, transparency, and profitability.

QUASA - is a decentralized system which consists of several smart-contracts.

Blockchain for connecting people - QUASA

The main advantage of using blockchain technologies in a supply chain is that they ensure an open and unchangeable global online register for transactions, including the verification mechanism. Recent;y various startups (Chronicled, Everledger, Skuchain, Blockverify, Provenance, etc.) and major corporations (IBM, Microsoft, Walmart, Maersk, BHP Billiton, etc.) have started conducting conceptual research for creating new platforms and securing international cooperation.

Summary: advantages of QUASA

  1. Unlike the majority of other projects which go to ICO, we are conducting this campaign using our own prototype of the platform which was envisaged three years ago and has been under development for over one year already. Hence, unlike others, we have not only a general idea and a beautiful landing but also an already working project which you will be able to test in the near future.
  2. Cargo transportations are controlled upon request until the deal is successfully closed. All the actions are registered in the blockchain which eliminates lack of trust between the partners. Smart-contracts which are aligned in the beginning of each shipment perform automatic mutual settlement according to the data stored in the blockchain.
  3. We cover our users’ risks with our own crypto currency which is going to grow and can become not only a means of protection but also a promising investment opportunity.
  4. Online GPS tracking of locations with the use of blockchain technologies allows eliminating the risk of hidden damages;
  5. Own property rights. QUASA is going to provide suppliers with personal licenses by means of using contemporary DLT technology.
  6. Users can make payments from any place in the world, which is impossible on the competitors’ platforms where only fiat money is accepted.
  7. We accept payments in numerous crypto currencies as well as credit cards.
  8. Despite its technical sophistication, the platform is quite simple and convenient for its end users, so that even a child could learn how to work on it.


I ask all of you to join our promising affair. We are going to change the world of logistics and make it accessible for everyone, truly working and democratic. We need your support – if not financial, then in the form of reposts, recommendations, and articles. Let’s change the market right now – the time has come!


We will be glad to see you in any of our communities.