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General questions

What is Quasa platform and why do you need it?

QUASA is a platform that gether cargo owners and cargo transporters including cargo transporting stock exchange. QUASA arranges different cargo transportations based on blockchain technology and smart-contracts.

On the first stage of the platform there will be launch of the air cargo module.

For today th unique algorithm is released and the entire working functionality exists that provides the organization of cargo air transportation all over the world.

This algorithm and technological solution are no-how for international market of air transportations.

To transfer your cargo or to become a cargo transportation service provider - you don't need specific knowledge on QUASA platform.

After the approval of the moderators, any company can be admitted to transportation. Freight traffic is monitored upon request until the successful closing of the transaction. All actions are recorded in the blockchain, which excludes trust between the parties; Smart-contract, which is approved at the beginning of the shipment, will automatically perform a mutual settlement according to the data stored in the blockchain.

Firstly the client fills information about delivery of the particular cargo from one place to another at a certain time. The platform, using statistics and forecast data offers the client price range and approximate delivery plan. If the client is satisfied with the basic conditions then he places the order.

Accordingly, the system distributes the basic transportation scheme to registered participants whose advertising and / or statistical profile allows them to participate in a such transportation process. It also points alternative delivery plans where price and / or time parameters can be improved.

The posted goods will appear in the interface of registered carriers and in the module of the freight exchange, which takes into account the current routes / statistics / plans of the carrier. Preliminary proposals are formed using an increasing price order, that is, from the lowest to the highest price. Therefore, the client can choose the final offer using the following filters: price, reliability of contractors (here the price can be higher); Speed ​​of delivery; The balance between the various supply factors.

As soon as the client choose and request transportation contract, QUASA activates smart-contract with all participants of the transportation and insurance company.

The main feature of the platform is its own crypto currency - QuasaCoins. The difference between QUASA and other platforms is that payments could be acceptable from everywhere with the internet connection. So that QUASA is available for every country including Asia.

The platform does not have requirements except the one: order or transportation should not contradict the legislation of that jurisdiction from where the transportation was ordered or where is was delivered.

Business processes with the use of QuasaCoins tokens are backed with more profitable and safe warranties than direct interaction between carriers and cargo owners. QUASA will provide the connected companies with tokens as guaranteed payment settlement means.

For example, if there is mistrust between shippers, carriers, and cargo receivers, a safer and more convenient option would be to use internal payments rather than fiat money which is associated with currency and other risks.

Use of blockchain technology and smart-contract excludes the problem of mistrust, informational barriers and court costs.

QUASA is the ecosystem, formed by companies that accept QuasaCions for payment. QuasaCoins will become more popular and in-demand that increases liquidity and, accordingly, its price.

Будут запущены автомобильные и морские грузовые модули в конце 2018 года, поскольку они представляют собой наилучший вариант высокого спроса на мультимодальные контракты и низкую сложность реализации.

В 2019 году компания расширит спектр предоставляемых услуг и введет возможность организации доставки навалочных грузов и таможенных услуг.

Together with the launch of new modules, state-of-the-art warehouse modules are going to be developed – the authorization of the companies which offer services based on logistic outsourcing (warehouse services and terminal operations).

В конце 2020 модуль железной дороги QUASA будет добавлен.

QUASA - is very simple, fast and easy that even a child can transfer cargo. This is the most accessible and democratic platform LOGISTICS 2.0 in the world, that beats all borders between countries and people and relieves its users from bureaucracy and limits of old-fashioned systems.

Questions about ICO of QUASA platform

How QUASA platform is different from the others?

QAUSA is built on the crypto currency base with the smart-contracts technology Ethereum, that allows to exclude brokers who buy service from carriers and money collectors (banks, payment systems) and also to open boarders all over the world.

What is ICO and pre-ICO?

ICO, or Initial Coin Offering - is a mechanism for raising funds, under the terms of which future crypto currency is sold for current, liquid virtual money. You send ICO bitcoins or ethers, and in return receive tokens of the new project. This is another version of the crowd finding model, when participants finance the company developing now in order to get some profit from it in the future.

PreICO - is the stage before the ICO (main stage) - raising funds for the project. PreICO is conducted to test the demand for the project, as well as to check and to get support of the community, to expand the budget for marketing before the main ICO. Not every project maintains preICO.

What is blockchain?

Blockchain - is a distributed database where storage devices are not connected to a common server. This database stores a growing list of ordered records, called blocks. Each block contains a timestamp and a link to the previous block.

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What is smart-contract?

This is a program code that allows to do particular functions automatically in the certain conditions. To implement smart-contracts decentralized environment is required, that totally excludes human factor, and for the possibility of using value transfer in smart contract - crypto currency is required.

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What is crypto currency?

These monetary units ('coins' or 'tokens'), protected by crypto graphic technologies. These money does not have physical analogs, they exist only digitally. Tokens are protected from counterfeits because they represent encrypted information that can not be copied (using cryptography and defined the prefix "crypto" in the title).

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How to participate in QUASA ICO?

ICO QUASA will be wunning on the QUASA platform, follow the link, click «participate» and follow instructions.

How to take part in preICO, ICO QUASA

Attention! Pre-ICO campaign starts on the 15th of January, ICO - on February 15th. The button 'Take part' is not active and cant be pressed until this date!

How to see QuasaCoins in MyEtherWallet?

When you are going to participate in crowd sales - you can get someone's tokens, coins, crypto currency, etc. If this token is made on the ether blockchain, it will appear in your wallet without any extra actions.

New tokens are added in the wallet interface by MyEtherWallet developers. To see a new token that is not added into the main list yet, you need to turn it on manually.

All these actions do not impact on your amount of tokens in your wallet.

If you use Myetherwallet and token QuasaCoin does not appear automatically, so:

  1. Go to your wallet and click AddCustomToken;
  2. Place the address of smart-contract: 0x4dAeb4a06F70f4b1A5C329115731fE4b89C0B227
  3. Place the symbol: QUA
  4. Decimals: 18

After that you will see it in the list of QUA tokens - these are your QuasaCoins.

Congratulations! Welcome to QUASA!

When does ICO start and finish?

ICO-campaign is starting on February 15 at 00:00 (UTC) and finish after reaching Hard cap.

How many QuasaCoins is going to be sell on ICO QUASA?

50.769.000 QuasaCoin will be sell on ICO QUASA.

How many QUA is reserved for each stage and what is the freeze QuasaCoins period?

​STAGE Secret stage
1 ETH = QUA 10000
1 QUA = ETH 0.0001
1QUA = $ $0.12
​STAGE Pre-ICO, 15 January
1 ETH = QUA 6000
1 QUA = ETH 0.00016
1QUA = $ $0.19
​STAGE ICO, 15th Feb
1 ETH = QUA 3000
1 QUA = ETH 0.00033
1QUA = $ $0.4
​STAGE Launch
1 ETH = QUA 2000
1 QUA = ETH 0.0005
1QUA = $ $0.6
​STAGE First year
1 ETH = QUA 1000
1 QUA = ETH 0.001
1QUA = $ $1.2
​STAGE Second year
1 ETH = QUA 100
1 QUA = ETH 0.005
1QUA = $ $6

How much do I get for 1 ETH?

The rate for the secret round is: 1 ETH = 3000 QUA.

Can USA citizens take part in ICO QUASA?

No, USA citizens can not participate in QuasaCoin sales due to USA law. You can take part in ICO QUASA only if you are not a USA citizen or you are not living in USA or you don't have permanent residence in countries such as Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, as well as other areas under the United States Office.

Can I be sure that I get QuasaCoin after sending money on ICO?

QuasaCoins is sent automatically through Ethereum smart-contract. Smart-contract is openly placed on GitHub and is available to all for audit.

What is the structure of the QUASA project?

The team QUASA is international, its members live in every corner of the Earth. The head office is located in Frankfurt.

Will QuasaCoin be available on the stock exchanges after ICO?

We have already connected to the main crypto currency stocks to include QuasaCoin in sales. Tokens will be released on the blockchain Ethereum, and will be available for transferring and saling almost right after ICO on some stocks.

Will there be extra QuasaCoin released after ICO?

New QuasaCoins will be created on the network through the connection of successful projects. Each connected cargo owner will receive a certain amount of QuasaCoins, so that hecan partially pay for the service tokens QUASA. This is a motivation for each of the parties - cargo owners receive a discount, and companies are even more focused on a successful outcome.

What is the company's mission?

Target of ICO-campaign - 15 623 ETH, maximum limit (hard cap) - 50 000 ETH.

Why ICO and preICO?

We are making a huge project. We are facing the challenge to change the entire industry and transform it into something really big. We will have to compete with companies logistics 1.0 - old-fashioned, but keeping the major audience and years of experience in making connections and communities. We know that this fight will be difficult and without recourses we would fail. Though the popularity of ICO gives us a chance to attract investments and take a lead on the market. That's why we are organizing crowd sales, so we can collect suitable money, attract press and create a community that will help and support us in this fight.

How will we use money collected on ICO and preICO?

The distribution of funds received by the platform during preICO and ICO campaigns will be almost completely used for further development of the platform. In terms of QUASA development, not only further development of the platform itself, but also marketing campaigns connected to the platform and creating logistics 2.0, which will replace the outdated model by modern logistics companies.

The preliminary breakdown is as follows:

  • 65% - development of new functions and services described in the previous section;
    • hiring of new employees and bearing the expenses related to the corresponding development;
    • elaboration of the infrastructure for developing a logistics market 2.0 as well as developing the member community;
  • 17% overheads for launching preICO and ICO, bonuses for the developers
    • legal costs and other bureaucratic expenses;
    • bonuses for the founders and for the developers of the platform;
    • repayment of borrowings used for creating the platform;
  • 10% - repayment of investments made by the investors for the development of the project at earlier stages;
  • 8% - payment of PR services used at preICO, ICO, and Release stages.

Economic system

What is QuasaCoin and why do you need them?

QuasaCoin is not stock, goods or investments. QuasaCoin is a crypto currency that will be given to that users who place cargo or order transportations on the platform. Till this moment you can buy it on ICO that starts on the 15th of February. After that you can not easily buy QuasaCoin, but you can buy it on markets when we place the project there.

How to buy QUA?

QuasaCoin is acceptable to buy: on crypto currency stock or to register on the QUASA platform as a cargo owner or get start batch QUA for partial pay any transportation on the platform.

How to sell QUA?

As well as other currency, QuasaCoin is available on stocks and markets.

Where will you store QUA tokens?

QUA tokens are generated and managed by smart-contract. Storage QUA tokens with founders is carried out with the secure hard cash wallet Trezor

Where you will store my tokens?

Your QUA tokens will be stored in you personal account.

Do I need to pass anything, some registrations or so?

You can register on QUASA.IO, but it is not required. ICO will be launched on the 15th of February.

Where can I see the code of smart-contract?

Advantages of QUASA

Why is it profitable to place your cargo transportation campaign on the platform QUASA.NET?

By placing your company on QUASA, you immediately solve several issues related to the attraction of cargo flows for your company. Receiving funds in crypto-currencies allows you to accept funds from all over the world without brokers in the form of banks and payment systems. Due to the presence of growing audience, marketing, PR and building a community of regular customers are significantly reduced.

Business processes which involve the use of Quasacoins will be backed by more profitable and safe guarantees than those provided by direct interaction between carriers and cargo owners. QUASA will provide the connected companies with its currency as guaranteed payment settlement means. For example, if there is lack of trust between shippers, carriers, and cargo receivers, a safer and more convenient option would be to use internal payments rather than fiat money which is associated with currency and other risks.

Users can make payments from any place all over the world, which is impossible on the competitors’ platforms where only fiat money is accepted.

We accept payments in numerous crypto currencies as well as credit cards.

Due to developed IT solution QUASA distributes orders, so that carriers could use their transport in the most efficient way. This optimization allows to increase cargo carriers work's effectivity and carriers' income from the one hand, and decrease price of transportation for cargo owners from the other hand.

The opportunity to get ready-working model of business processes and instruments for implementation of LOGISTICS 2.0, consulting services.

New technologies excludes the problem of mistrust, informational barriers and court costs

Which companies do we accept on the platform?

On the QUASA platform we access any projects that are not connected to the illegal actions.

What is required to place the company on the QUASA platform?

Any company can fit on the platform and for this purpose no special technical knowledge is required: it is enough to create a text description, complete the campaign page and set its parameters.

How is going to be projects' modernization?

On the platform is checked: the reality of the company, properties, ratings, reviews. Depending on what is identified as a result of the audit and the quality of the campaign, it can be admitted to the start. Each campaign can receive additional badges, warning users either about the risk or about reliability. For example, "Verified company" shows that this is a reliable company and really has what it says.

Why is it profitable to transfer cargo on the platform QUASA.NET?

However, unlike any other platform, QUASA enables its users to use another currency generated by the platform – QuasaCoins.

Every subscribed cargo owner will get certain amount of QuasaCoins, so that the user gets opportunity to pay in QUASA tokens for the service. This is a motivation for each of the side - cargo owners get the discount and companies want to achieve better results.

For cargo owners the participation to any other platform will become several times more active since for their money they will obtain a 5-10%. The use of QuasaCoins helps to eliminate most paperwork and intermediaries, which makes the services much less expensive.

Business processes which involve the use of Quasacoins will be backed by more profitable and safe guarantees than those provided by direct interaction between carriers and cargo owners. QUASA will provide the connected companies with its currency as guaranteed payment settlement means. For example, if there is lack of trust between shippers, carriers, and cargo receivers, a safer and more convenient option would be to use internal payments rather than fiat money which is associated with currency and other risks.

Blockchain for supply chain!

FLEXIBILITY QUASA platform enables users to elaborate individual solutions for their own supply chain. No other platform can boast such flexibility and freedom of choice.
Optimal cost Carriers provide actual rates and get personal license in DLT technology from the system.
Cargo delivery The system allows its clients to get the required service without direct contact with companies, that represent them.
Transparency of the delivery stages and risks of hidden damage Online cargo tracking. In your personal account you can see information about the location and condition of cargo. All data is written in Blockchain.
Security Cargo transportation, its cost and insurance is controlled Smart contract.
In-time delivery On the base of blockchain and smart-contracts the automation saves money and operational costs.
Guaranteed payment for services and efficient paperwork Use of blockchain technology and smart-contract excludes the problem of mistrust, informational barriers and court costs.

Direct service providers:

  • Direct contracts and agreements with major airlines in the world
  • Direct contracts with the main sea lines
  • The wide network of agents all over the world
  • Full range of services for storage, repackaging, sorting, marking
  • Professional and fast customs clearance of transit documents

New technologies excludes the problem of mistrust, informational barriers and court costs

Do the administrators allow to access money that companies are using?

No, administrators of the platform do not have ant access to the money. The companies manage their money themselves.

General questions about the platform

Why do you need to register?

Registration is required to order cargo transportation on the platform, track it, comment the companies, and to do other interesting operations.

I have not received a confirmation e-mail!

It happens that some letters mails (by different reasons) either go for a long time, or do not reach. If this happen then the email will reach you in an hour or so. Otherwise check your 'spam' folder and if our mail is there, tell us, please, on!

Why do you need to indicate ETH wallet?

If you are a company's partner representative, you need it to get money for cargo transportation, because they are transferred by cargo owners in ETH. If you are a cargo owner, you get QuasaCoins on your wallet directly.

Why do you need to indicate BTC wallet?

If you are a company's partner representative, you need it to get money for cargo transportation, because they are transferred by cargo owners in BTC. If you are a cargo owner, you get QuasaCoins on your wallet directly.

Buying of safe transportation

As soon as the client selects and confirms his transport contract, QUASA initiates a smart-contract with all the participants of the transportation and with the insurance company. The client’s digital money is credited directly to the smart-contract which manages the means of transportation. The smart-contract informs all the participants and starts controlling the fulfillment of the transportation.

Sales of transportation service

Transport services sales. The carrier informs QUASA about the location of the unloaded vehicle. This service includes the transportation by the carrier and creates a proposal for the contract or for the participation to the auction for the shipping contract initiation.

Online cargo tracking

Online cargo monitoring. In QUASA interface the GPS tracking data and the data on technical status of the loading are automatically saved in the smart-contract storage.

Cargo on the exchange

Guaranteed payment and fast documentation management

The carrier terminates the transportation of the goods and transfers them to the cargo owner or the next carrier. The cargo receiver makes an electronic mark about the assumption of the responsibility for the goods. Upon receiving this mark, the smart-contract performs a money settlement with the carrier. The smart-contract registers and provides the cargo owner’s documents signed in the digital form.


How to support QUASA for ETH?

You can copy the unique address of our wallet on which you will sent particular amount of ETH from any place and in any way. When you get this amount with this unique address - the payment gets attached to your profile and smart-contract of the company transfer you the particular QuasaCoin amount.

I already have ether wallet. Can I store QUA there?

Yes, QUA is stored on your ether wallet. You can keep QUA and manage it - receive and transfer, using ether wallet, For example,, EthereumWallet, Mist.

How to add QuasaCoin on your Ethereum on MyEtherWallet?

To send token you should mention the address of token's smart-contract — 0x4dAeb4a06F70f4b1A5C329115731fE4b89C0B227, name = QUA, decimals = 18.

Legal issues

What jurisdiction do the transactions obey in the company frames?

We are carefully following the ICO law in the world and our mission is to make ICO totally legal on our platform.

What is the impact of SEC solution to qualify ICO as capital issue with the particular management?

The question is not exactly correct, because SEC solution about 'The DAO' from 25/07/17 in terms of regulation ICO from 01/08/17 does not qualify all ICO as capital issue.

Document describes that token can be qualified as a security paper if release and sale of crypto tokens occurs in exchange for promises of a share in the company or the receipt of dividends, or other such obligation.

These notes about SEC do not impact on the development of our crowd finding project, because initially we supposed that release and sales of crypto tokens in order to promise the part of the company and get dividends in many countries is regulated by the law of securities and should be registered in a particular way. SEC decisions just approve our point of view.

How do the tax cervices interpret collected currency?

In different countries it could be payment method, a digital asset, a foreign currency, and even a service. That's why you should decide in advance in which jurisdiction you want to incorporate and in this particular country to study the relations of tax authorities and crypto-currencies.

The most popular questions

How to create ETH Wallet?

  1. Go in the website, set your password and press CreateNewWallet. Attention: create the password that you will never forget - its impossible to restore it! Write it down and save. If it is about a little amount of money then you can keep access instructions in your bank cell.
  2. On the next screen, you will need to save your private key (PrivateKey) in encrypted form. This is the same as the key to the safe, but electronic. The key + password is one of the ways to access to your wallet and funds, which are located in the blockchain. Click "DownloadKeystoreFile" and save it on your device. Keep this file in a safe place, preferably on offline drive, and make a backup copy;
  3. Press ”IUnderstand. Continue”;
  4. On this screen you will be given your private key in an unencrypted form. This means that, having it, any attacker can get access to your wallet. Therefore, it is recommended to print this key and store it in a safe place (for example, a bank cell). Then click "SaveYourAddress";
  5. Final step - to know your wallet address. For this you can:
    1. a. Choose option “KeystoreFile (UTC / JSON)”, specify the path to the encrypted file (from step 2) and enter the password created in step 1. If everything is correct, you will be on the screen of your wallet, you will see its address and balance.
    2. b. Choose the option PrivateKey. Here you should enter your unencrypted private address and password that is not required. This is a dangerous and unprotected way, which we do not recommend! This key must be stored in a secure offline store and used only as a last resort.

After that when you get the wallet, to buy ether on markets and stocks, you should mention its number and after that - proceed to buy (each website has its own way). Ether will be transferred there.

How to buy ETH?

The best rate is usually on stock exchanges,, its own mobile wallet for sales/purchase bitcoins and ether). There are plenty of other exchanges, but If you have not worked with them earlier, carefully research reviews about them, so that you don't get trapped into fishing sites.

How do cargo carrier and the platform interact, who controls money and how?

Money is controlled by smart-contracts, in which the wallet of the carrier is initially laid, for which the funds for transportation are sent.


How can I sell QUA? On stock exchange also?

We accept payments in different crypto currencies as well as credit cards.

On which exchanges will be traded QUA?

We have some several contracts with huge stock exchanges, but its too early to provide Names because we are planning to launch on stock exchanges in 2019. We will be carefully search for platforms.