Creating and downloading the walletBuying QUA tokens Getting tokens

On this step you should send ETH from your Ethereum wallet to buy QUASA tokens.

Step 1: On the web page myetherwallet press «Send Ether & Tokens». Here you can choose option «Private Key», insert the key, press «Unlock», and you can see fields to send ETH.


Step 2: In the calculator below you can count how many QUASA tokens you can buy for your broadcasts. Just remember the last amount in your wallet you should write manually.


Step 3: Then copy the number of QUASA wallet from this page and paste it in the address field. Set the number of ETH, that you want to invest. Set the gas limit 100 000 - don't worry about the amount because they will return it if not used. Click to create and then send.

Wallet: 0x6608c25a12Ee41bEbBe72eB3a7f936Fb440493B6

Confirm transaction and everything is ready! You have invested into QUASA! Next step you will see how to check your QUA token balance.