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How to create ETH (ether) wallet

To invest into QUASA (tokens that you bought) you need ETH (ether) wallet (even if you already have bitcoin wallet). You can use the instructions below to create the wallet.

You can add different services to the ether wallet, such as: Mist, MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Parity. We will show you how to join MyEtherWallet - it is very simple.

Step 1: Just go to MyEtherWallet, create secure password and get your wallet.


Step 2: Download file UTC / JSON with an encrypted version of the private key that is compatible with geth, mist and myetherwallet, and requires a password for decryption (Keystore). You will need this file if you have to restore your account, so keep it safe.


Step 3: Save your secret key in the safe place. Use the combination for PC: Ctrl + and for MAC: Cmd + and you can copy your secure key to use it on the next step.


Step 4:There are several options to access your wallet. The easiest way - to paste your secure key from the previous step, and you immediately get your ETH-wallet, from which you can send money and get QUASA tokens.


How to download ETH-wallet with different crypto currency (bitcoin, litecoin, etc.) and fiat money (USD, EUR, GBP, RUB etc.)?

The most convenient way to refund your wallet - crypto currency exchanging points. Below you can read how to use them.

To refill ether in your ETH-wallet you have to use currency exchange stocks. On the website of these stocks in the field 'Send/Give' you can choose and currency that you want to exchange and in the field 'Receive' enter your ETH-wallet number that you have created on the step 1. In 30 minutes after exchanging process you will get your ether in the ETH-wallet.

Here are the most trustful stock exchanges:

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